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The Directors of Dingbro Limited treat the safety of their employees with the utmost importance when planning the continuing day to day operations of the business during these challenging times.


We have continued to operate all of our branches in order to service essential contracts with the Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Police and Council vehicle fleets as well as our garage clients who keep the key worker vehicles on the road and safe.


The challenges this has presented have been immense and we are grateful to all our staff throughout the business, both working and on furlough, for their support and cooperation. Without them, this would not have been possible.


Our branches are busy warehouse operations that, prior to furloughing staff, provided challenges when introducing social distancing measures, cleaning and hygiene rules. As businesses start returning to work and the demands on our branches increases, we will begin returning staff from the furlough scheme and it is this challenge that we are now focussing on in order to maintain the high levels of safety our staff have worked hard to achieve.


When risk assessing the business as a whole we have had to consider the operational uniqueness of each branch and the individual challenges it presents. All measures introduced are done so on the principal of So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable with the last line of defence being the use of PPE in high traffic areas and at busy times of the day. Customer access to our premises is restricted and controlled and robust decontamination procedures are in place should an employee test positive for the Virus. Dedicated work stations and work rotas have been introduced to avoid multiple user contact with keyboards, phones and counter tops and we have introduced enhanced cleaning regimes throughout the branches and in high traffic areas. To minimise worker contact, work areas have been adjusted to suit individual layouts to increase worker separation, doors have been propped open to reduce handle contact and posters encouraging regular hand washing. Hand sanitising gel has been provided to all branches for customer and staff use, gloves and facemasks are available and mandatory in some areas. All these systems are monitored and reviewed regularly in order to maintain their effectiveness.


As staff return from furlough, a training and retraining programme has been introduced to ensure they are familiar with new procedures that have been introduced in line with the following Risk Assessment. A copy of this guidance will be provided, along with further risk assessments for remote working.


Securing adequate stocks of PPE remains our biggest challenge within the global market.


This statement has been approved by the board of directors.

Gary Dingwall

Managing Director

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

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